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China Valve Manufacturing Development Problem Analysis

According to the investigation, although the rapid development of a number of township enterprises, township enterprises, but due to the low starting point, the technical force is very weak, poorly equipped, most of imitation production, especially serious problem for drainage and low pressure valves, but these problems are not affect the future prospects of China's valve industry. This is mainly due to strong demand valve support and product markets of national policy, especially the start of several centuries, natural gas and electric power, and water diversion projects requires a lot of valve products supporting. Low profits total import and export of China's valve industry reached $ 24.1 billion last year, an increase of 28.2% of which exports amounted to $ 22.4 billion, an increase of 29.3%;. Imports amounted to $ 20.134 billion, an increase of 27 percent as the world economy. pick up, China's import and export of valve products also increased, but due to the high-end technology with foreign firms there is a big gap compared to the period ahead, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of our valve products. 
Until recently, Chinese valve manufacturer is also limited to a few small profit target markets, such as Ethiopia, Sudan, Iran, Iraq and parts of Southeast Asia. The market is small, the decision-making process all depends on the price, limited profit margins. China imported valve manufacturers must pay attention to such an undeniable fact: If you want to survive in the future, they must improve the performance of the previous recession, access to large export manufacturing profit. At present, the main reason lies in export earnings much large number of business opportunities in the Chinese domestic market, but also the quality of Chinese imports of valve manufacturing equipment is not enough to sell overseas. 
In recent years, the development trend of China's outward hardware industrial valve business is obvious, that when companies within the industry are numerous, but because of its low cost and highly competitive, most companies are relying on lower product prices to gain market this way, corporate profits is very low, basically only reach to maintain production, but it is difficult to make money in the state, the consequences of low prices, low added value, low profits, companies do not have sufficient funds to sustainable development. 
Hardware Valves "three low" phenomenon seriously low prices in Continued good macroeconomic situation, most of the production and sales targets metal valve industry has maintained a rapid growth, but due to the impact of a price war, industry sales revenue and profit have dropped significantly over last year. Overall, however, the degree of concentration of the lower valve market industry to produce low-end products. In terms of core technologies, there is still a certain gap between domestic enterprises and the world's developed countries. 
China's valve industry, there are still some problems, such as valve company in China mainly low-level, small-scale, family-owned enterprises. On the product, due to the duplication of investment, technology transfer is not enough, our valve leading enterprise products is still low quality mass products. It is understood that China's production of various valves widespread leakage, the leakage, the appearance is not high quality, short life, the operation is not flexible and valve actuators and pneumatic devices are not reliable shortcomings, some of the products is only equivalent to the last century international level of the early 1980s, some of the key devices require high temperature and pressure valves and still rely on imports. Low value-added industrial structure in China's valve industry, industrial valves industrial chain, and the degree of specialization and trade on average there is a big gap caused by poor quality of domestic products because of the valve and foreign enterprises: Due to rapid market expansion, the original state enterprises have Guantingbingzhuan valve.

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